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Children’s Sermon for Luke 4: 14-21 – Scripture gives us power

Scripture: Luke 4: 14-21

Props: 1 book Bible, 1-2 digital bibles (app on phone, tablet), power cords for digital devices

Preparation: pull up the Luke 4: 14 scripture on all devices


Alright, pop quiz time.

[Hold up the book Bible] What’s this? [praise answer]

[Hold up the phone with the Bible app showing] What’s this? [phone: praise answer]

[Hold up the tablet with the Bible app showing] What’s this? [tablet/kindle/ipad: praise answer]

[Hold up the power cord(s)] What’s this? [power cords: praise answer]

You guys all get an A! Now what do all of these things have in common..and why on earth have I been allowed to bring my phone and my tablet into church?

[allow for 3-4 answers; if you’re lucky enough to get bible apps as an answer, praise it]

All of those are great answers, but I have a surprise thing that’s the same about all of these. They are ALL bibles!

And if I open my book Bible to my bookmark, it’s today’s reading.

And click on my phone app, it’s today’s reading.

And click on my tablet app, it’s today’s reading.

And they all tell us that reading God’s word in the Bible as often as possible is really important.

Now, wait, these power cords can’t pull up the Bible. How do they fit in here? [allow for 1-2 answers]

Yes! They charge up the phone and the tablet – they give it power – so that we can read the Bible. And reading our Bible gives us power – power to learn what God and Jesus want us to know and power to do what they ask us to do.

Pray with me: Dear God, thank you for sending us your word to read every day and for giving us the power to understand you and do what you ask us to do. Amen


I delivered this children’s sermon on July 3, 2016 at Palmetto Presbyterian Church in Mt. Pleasant, SC.


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