Close to twelve years ago, a dear friend reminded me that it was in the space of time since we’d last known each other in high school that I became a singer; that is, he’d never heard me sing but he’d listened to me talk about singing and could hear the passion in my voice.

In one of those kooky Facebook chains (an offer of a 100% homemade gift), he asked for a recording of me singing so he’d know what I sounded like when I was doing something I loved. I had some old video of me singing for the chapel service at work and cobbled together a little collection for him, but I didn’t have anything new, and I didn’t have a single recording of anything I considered a favorite or particularly special song.

So I called my friend Loretta, who’d been accompanying me around town for years, and asked for her help. Little did I know she’d subtly but very directly lead me down the road not only to performing on a regular basis but to compete (gasp!). In fact, we sang together New Year’s Eve for a children’s program for First Night Charleston.

You see, in full soprano ego style, I think I have the perfect voice…for just about anything. I am an excellent sight-reader, I intuitively hear melody and harmony and harmonics, I love to “compose” new melodies and harmonies on the spot (and generally do that well). Best of all, I am confident.

But I suck at acting. And there’s little point in pursuing a professional singing career (except in the church) if you can’t show the character on your face and in your body while you are singing.

So you get to be an extension of the audience because I always video my performances. And just sometimes, I might even share a dress rehearsal with you 🙂

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