On the Plate

Or in the bowl, wrapped up, on a stick, and especially straight out of the pan with your fingers!

Yep, this is what I eat and what I cook for my families…yes, families. I have many, they all like different things, have different ideas about food, and different challenges with food allergies (this is actually easy for me to deal with).

Some ground rules for know what to expect here:

  • I’m a “from scratch” kind of girl. It’s faster, easier, cheaper, and healthier (safer for allergies). I dare you to prove me wrong on any one point without significantly compromising the others.
  • You are not allowed to “not like” it until you’ve had it 10 times. Most people “don’t like” a food because the flavor or texture is new, not necessarily unpleasurable. And, yes, this applies to adults too.
  • I never dumb down flavors, spices (except heat), or cooking techniques just because children are also eating the meal. Their palates are significantly more refined and accepting than ours; in fact, they typically take their food like and dislike cues from their adults rather than their tongues.
  • I promise to cook and try any food you ask about or recommend once, assuming I can get it and afford it. I am an adventurous soul!

Yep, I think that will get us started. As I get started and work my way into a good groove, I will take and post as many pictures as possible and make recipes easy to follow and print.

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