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Children’s Sermon for Luke 19: Zaccheus learns to share

Scripture: Luke 19

Props: 2-3 bags of easily identifiable snacks (carrots, cheetos, starburst)

Good morning! Wow, we really had a treat this morning. We heard the children’s choir sing our bible lesson for today. What do you guys remember happened in the song about Zaccheus?

[Look for: climbed a tree to see Jesus, Jesus told him to come down, Jesus said he’s going to Zaccheus’s house.]

Yep, you guys got it! Now the story of Zaccheus goes on for a little bit more than the song. One of the things we learn early on in the story is that Zaccheus is really, really rich; he’s got a LOT of money. And when Jesus goes to Zaccheus’s house, He gets to show Zaccheus some better ways to spend his money.

Now, let me ask you: what’s something you see mom or dad do when friends come to visit? [look for and encourage any form of response that indicates hospitality – offers drink, makes snacks, makes dinner, grills hamburgers and hotdogs, etc.]

Right, having some snacks or a meal is a really important part of showing guests that they are valuable to us, that we are thankful they’ve come to visit.

Now, here’s a challenge [hold up your 2-3 bags of snacks]: I haven’t gone to the grocery store, but I just found out that I’m going to have some friends at my house right after church, and these carrots, cheetos, and starburst are the only snacks I have. What am I going to do?

[expect responses that suggest each person choosing one snack, get really excited if they suggest giving each person a little bit of each snack and sharing; commend them if they get the sharing idea without you telling them]

[If they don’t give you sharing] what if I give each person a few carrots, a few cheetos and a few starburst? I’ve shared the best of everything I have with my friends.

Well, when Jesus visits with Zaccheus, who didn’t forget to go to the grocery store, Jesus is treated to a really fancy lunch and snacks. So Jesus shows Zaccheus that if he can feed Jesus such wonderful food, he can share some of this food and the extra money he has with poor and sick people to help them.

Pray with me: Dear God, thank you for sending Zaccheus to see Jesus, for letting Zaccheus learn to share, and for showing us just how easy it is to share what we have with others. Amen.


I delivered this children’s sermon on June 26, 2016; the children’s choir had sung “Zaccheus Was a Wee Little Man” earlier in the service.


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